Hypernetica's Collaboration with Microsoft for Public Power Corporation

Discover how Hypernetica, in collaboration with Microsoft, revolutionized digital security for Public Power Corporation. This case study delves into the development of intelligent software agents, automating log analysis, optimizing the Windows registry, and managing user permissions. Explore the transformative impact on operational efficiency and security across the Corporation’s expansive server network.

Client: Public Power Corporation (Microsoft Client)

Project Overview:

In collaboration with Microsoft, Hypernetica developed cutting-edge software agents for the Public Power Corporation. The project focused on the creation of intelligent tools for the Autonomous Retrieval & Analysis of Firewall & Web Proxy Logs. These agents automated the identification and repair of Windows registry issues and user permissions, streamlining operational efficiency across the Corporation’s extensive server infrastructure throughout Greece.

Key Achievements:

Automated Log Analysis:

Implemented software agents that autonomously retrieve and analyze Firewall & Web Proxy Logs, providing real-time insights for enhanced security.

Registry Optimization:

Developed intelligent agents for the automatic identification and repair of Windows registry issues, ensuring optimal system performance.

User Permissions Management:

Streamlined user permissions across the Corporation’s servers, enhancing security and access control.

This collaborative effort between Hypernetica and Microsoft showcases our commitment to innovation, delivering tailored solutions for seamless operations and heightened security within a large-scale organizational framework.

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